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Ceola Robertson-Fletcher Relatives & The Relatives of the late Ed Fletcher Family Reunion 2009

Ceola Robertson-Fletcher Family Reunion July 4, 2008

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Moses Community Center
1310 Cardinal Drive. Thibodaux, La. 70301
(985) 447-9299

Thanks to all the family members who made this reunion a success. God bless
each of you for your time, and effort spent cooking, running errands, and
calling relatives you are so appreciated.
Big shout out to BOOGALOO, you know you worked that barbecue....
You went way beyond the call of duty. Thank You.
Special Thanks to Barbara, Casey, Cynthia, Debra, Daniece, Phyllis the gumbo
queen, and Lil Dan for the vision, to bring the family together. Much Love.
For everyone that sacrifice to prepare meals and travel the distance, thank
you, for your generosity. Get ready because the best is yet to come.
See you next year.

Information for 2009, is being updated for the website, however 2008 reunion news and

pictures will be dispalyed.